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Family Law Attorneys Serving Glendale & Tucson, AZ

Legal issues are always stressful, and those issues often have lifelong consequences when you're dealing with family members. Matters of family law have the potential to affect some of life's most important relationships, so it's imperative that you have an experienced family law attorney working for you to help navigate the complexities of the particular issues you're facing. While many states may share similar family law statutes, it's important to understand the specific laws in your state and how they could potentially affect your situation. That's why the family law attorneys at Law Offices of Vescio & Seifert, P.C. have been working with individuals and families in Glendale, Tucson, and across Arizona to help them understand what they're facing before devising a specific action plan that can help them move forward.

What Areas of Family Law Do You Help With?

At our firm, we have decades of experience helping individuals and families from all over on a variety of different family law issues. Our firm has a specific focus on this area because we understand the importance of family, and we believe that helping others resolve these issues can be one of the most rewarding experiences within the legal profession. Whatever issue you may be facing, we want you to know that we would be proud to provide excellent legal counsel and representation that can help find a solution that meets the needs of both you and your family. Our attorneys have extensive experience with various areas of family law, but our efforts are usually centered around the following:

  • Divorce, legal separation, and marriage annulments

  • Rights of unmarried parents

  • Same-sex couple issues

  • Parent time and legal decision-making authority, formerly known as "custody" cases

  • Child support

  • Spousal support (alimony)

  • Grandparent and non-parent rights to custody and visitation

  • Establishment of paternity

  • Enforcement and Contempt Issues

  • Orders of protection and injunctions against harassment

  • Negotiating and drafting premarital, post-marital, and separation agreements

  • Guardianships, Conservatorships for minors and Incapacitated Adults,

  • Termination of Parental Rights and Adoptions

  • Business and financial issues in divorce



What Should I Know About Arizona Family and Divorce Laws?

Each state has its own requirements for obtaining a divorce, so it's important to have an understanding of the specific Arizona laws and statutes that will affect your situation. Our experienced family law attorneys will work with you to help you make sense of the various laws that apply to you and your family, but it also helps to familiarize yourself with some of the basics. Some of the most important divorce provisions set up by Arizona state law include:

  • One party must be an Arizona resident and have maintained residency for 90 days prior to filing for divorce.

  • There is a 60 day waiting period for a divorce, even if both parties agree to all of the terms

  • If either spouse denies that the marriage is irretrievably broken, the court can order a conciliation conference which will put the case on hold while the parties are sent to mediation to see if their marriage can be saved.

  • Arizona is a “no-fault” state, meaning that neither party needs to prove that the other one engaged in some type of wrongful behavior in order to get divorced

  • Arizona is a “community property” state. Most assets/income and debts which were earned or incurred during the marriage will be split equitably. This does not always mean 50-50.

  • Mothers and Fathers have equal rights. The Courts cannot make decisions based on the gender of the parents or the children.

At the end of the day, many of these decisions can be complex and fraught with complications without an experienced family law attorney on your side to provide you with appropriate counsel and informed representation. If you or someone you know is going through a difficult family law matter, call the attorneys at Law Offices of Vescio & Seifert, P.C. today and find out how we can help you reach an amicable resolution or advocate for you in Court.


Getting through a family legal battle can be one of the most stressful events you’ll ever face. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced family law attorney that you can trust to make sure your needs are addressed and your voice is heard. The family law attorneys at Law Offices of Vescio & Seifert, P.C. have the knowledge and experience you need to help you through your difficult situation. Call today for a consultation.