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Everyone deserves an abuse-free, violence-free relationship. Unfortunately, your partner may change and become abusive or violent. When in an abusive relationship, you may protect yourself and your kids from the abusive partner or any legitimate threat by seeking an order of protection. An experienced Arizona family law attorney can enlighten you about what an order of protection does and how to file your petition.

At Law Offices of Vescio & Seifert, P.C., our attorneys have devoted their careers to offering experienced legal services and helping domestic violence victims seek protective orders. As your legal counsel, we can evaluate the surrounding circumstances of your situation, explore your legal options, and help determine your path forward. We will guide you through the process of obtaining an order of protection and help you seek adequate protection from your abusive partner.

Law Offices of Vescio & Seifert, P.C. is proud to serve clients across Glendale & Tucson, Arizona, and surrounding communities throughout the Phoenix Metro Area.

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Does Arizona Recognize Same-Sex Marriage?

Married same-sex couples in Arizona have all the same rights and bear all the same responsibilities as opposite-sex married couples. This includes the right to obtain a no-fault divorce should the marriage fail.

What Issues are Unique to Same-Sex Divorce?

Same-sex divorce and child issues is often accompanied by unique challenges, including these five:

Personalized Legal Advocacy

Not all family law attorneys deal with same-sex divorce, so it’s important that you choose one that does. The issues are challenging. Individual judges make decisions differently. For example, one judge may recognize property acquired during the time together prior to marriage as community property while another may only recognize anything acquired after the date of marriage in 2014 or later. Having a divorce attorney in Arizona who knows which judges rule one way or the other is to your advantage.

You are facing issues in same-sex divorce that are interpreted and ruled on by the court in highly subjective ways. Your attorney needs to represent your best interests in that ever-changing environment. Without firm legal precedent, your attorney is the only advocate you have.

Same-Sex Divorce Attorneys Serving Glendale & Tucson, AZ

At the Law Offices of Vescio & Seifert, P.C., we are dedicated advocates for clients in same-sex divorce. We understand the unique challenges you face and work tirelessly to protect you. Divorce is never easy, but you face more difficult situations than mixed-sex couples. If you are considering divorce or have been served divorce papers in Glendale, Tucson, or the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area, call us today to schedule a time to talk.