A Pleasure to Work With

Theresa was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to truly understand my situation, and I truly felt that she was in my corner and was passionate about the service she provided. I felt confident in trusting her to handle my case and make a solid argument on my behalf. She is professional and a wonderful attorney! Thank you, Theresa and everyone else there who helped on my behalf.
Arizona - Child Custody Client

Inspired Confidence & Supportive

Ms. Vescio has worked diligently as my attorney to resolve a very contentious family legal matter. While many professionals might have sought to draw out the process, Lynda consistently sought the most expedient path without significant compromise to our position. Her approach, compassionate, intelligent, creative and highly ethical, resulted in a most satisfactory outcome. Throughout the entire process, she inspired confidence, hope, and comfort during a time that could have been emotionally draining. I highly recommend her, without reservation, for her services as an attorney.
Arizona - Probate Litigation

Very Professional

Ms. Vescio has I find each and every one of you to be very professional, conscientious, hardworking and personable when it comes to helping me on my divorce. You all have a kind word to give on a bad day or cheers to share on our good days. Lynda, by far, there are not enough words to describe you and all of the wonderful things that you have done for me. A few Wonderful traits that should be shared though are. You are always prepared, a masterful strategist, very intelligent, hard working, caring and a great friend to have in my corner. Thank you and your wonderful staff again for all that you have done for me it is very much appreciated and will not soon be forgotten.
Arizona - Divorce with no Children

HIghly Recommend

Vescio Law Firm helped me through the worst time in my life. Fighting for custody of my 7-year-old daughter. From day one she was extremely honest about my case. Lynda kept in contact with me every step of the way including sending me every email that was sent regarding the case. I always knew what was going on. I don't think you find very many attorneys with the qualities that Lynda prides herself in having. She is open, honest, hardworking and dedicated. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have my family together today! I recommend her to EVERYONE that needs legal counsel in an area that she covers! Thank You Vescio Law Firm!
Glendale Arizona - Child Custody

The Best Attorney & Friend

First of all, I want to give God the Honor and Glory, for having put Lynda Vescio on my Path during one of my worst times in my life. After dealing with an abusive husband for 5 1/2 yrs, and not having anywhere to go with my children, I met Lynda at a Domestic Violence Shelter, where Lynda does her Volunteer Work. She spoke to us, and shared her expertise. I knew then that God sent her. I personally feel she is my angel in disguise. She's been 110% professional, honest, and caring. (I'm not just another client.) She has shown that she fights for justice and over all fairness; especially case sensitive with "Children Involved." That just means the world to me. And I thank her for her ability as this great attorney that she is, as well as her practice & staff. Thanks to her, I am living in my home in Tucson, with all my kids. I am able to provide in more ways than one. And best of all, I am keeping my kids in one unit, as a family. "Priceless". THANK YOU AGAIN LYNDA YOU ARE THE BEST ATTORNEY & FRIEND. God Bless you richly for all you do.
-A. Family
Arizona - Divorce with Children

Consistent Communication

I retained the Vescio Law Firm for a family law issue. The attorneys are the utmost professionals. They were meticulous with my case and easy to work with; it was truly a seamless process. Previously, I was so emotionally fragile after a draining divorce; my divorce attorney ultimately was not looking out for my best interest. Subsequently, I harbored a great deal of raw anxiety and dread knowing that I was forced to take my ex back to court. The Firm's attorneys made sure that the appropriate expectations were always set; I was given realistic options so that I could make an informed decision. I was grateful for their consistent communication. I always knew what was happening and where I stood. For me, that was very empowering, it genuinely alleviated any of my stress and anxiety. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Vescio Law Firm. What a privilege to know that the attorneys had my back during this process; what an amazing feeling of trust they brought to me. What they gave back to me was the emotional strength and empowerment knowing that I can move forward with confidence. It's the best compliment I can give. Thank you Vescio Law Firm for an amazing job well done!
Phoenix, Arizona

Honest & Communicative

I would like to thank Vescio Law Firm for representing me in a very complicated child custody/support case. The Firm always kept me up to date with everything happening in regards to my case. Everyone from the Vescio Law Firm was extremely pleasant and ALWAYS professional, but most of all very knowledgeable. They went above and beyond what was expected. I truly appreciate every extra phone call, email and support I have received. It was a pleasure working with the Vescio Law Firm. Thank you again.
Arizona - Child Custody Client

Very Professional

The Vescio Law Firm was very professional in handling my divorce case. I could always count on my attorney to answer my questions and concerns quickly. She was in regular communication with me and was very helpful in helping me with paperwork and documents. I appreciated her support, and perseverance with my case until it was successfully completed. If she was unable to answer any of my questions, she would consult with other expert attorneys for answers to those questions. I would highly recommend the Vescio Law Firm to anyone who needs legal counsel in a divorce.
Arizona - Divorce Client

Truly Competent Attorney

I cannot describe how grateful I am that I found Lynda! Facing a truly daunting court case, I knew I needed a truly competent attorney. I interviewed several attorneys in the Phoenix area, and after only a few minutes I knew Lynda Vescio was the representation I needed. Due to Lynda's ability, the legal case was settled months ahead of what I was told to expect by the other attorneys, and in my favor! Not only that, but she traveled to meet us for the original consult, unlike the others, and in the end the fees for the entire case ended up being very nearly what she predicted. The billing was succinct and very fair. When we spoke with other attorneys about who we chose for representation, they were unanimous in praising her, and assuring us we chose well indeed. My husband and I find it strange singing the praises of an attorney, but if this will help someone else gain competent representation, so much the better!
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Reliable advice

Two years ago, my younger sister and I hired Lynda Vescio to represent us in a family matter. Always professional she made our concerns her concerns. She was prompt, did her research, and her advice was always given to help direct us to a quick resolution. Lynda was a good listener and always remained calm, even though at times we didn't want to be. She helped us to see taking the high road was the best route. She represented our case above and beyond the call of duty.
Arizona - Probate Litigation

Strategic Thinker

I learned from the start that Lynda is a brilliant lawyer--not because we won as I know things could have gone either way for one reason or the other. I found Lynda to be a strategic thinker with a deep and broad understanding of the practice and culture of the judicial system. She thinks ahead and predicts scenarios that are likely to play out and this is one of the things that makes her such an effective attorney. More importantly, her understanding of the law was deeply impressive and she gave me a lot of confidence throughout the process.

I am thankful to Lynda and the entire staff so much for the great service and commitment to get justice for their clients.
Family Law client (Father), Kenya

Top Notch Representation

I Where do I begin? Let me start off by saying that God is so amazing for allowing my son to find a law firm that has a staff of INCREDIBLE POWERHOUSE WOMEN in it. Faced with a battle of trying to find his son so that he could exercise his rights as a father, seemed like a dark cloud was just hanging over his head. Not knowing the legal system and just how to proceed, my son made the right call which was the Vescio Law Firm. Instantly he was greeted and treated with the utmost respect. After hiring the law firm, they went to work on his very complex case. I knew also after having a talk with Theresa, that this team of professional and knowledgeable staff was a force to be reckoned with. Let me be clear that although nothing in life is guaranteed, however I had lots of faith in the Vescio Law Firm to do what they do best and that is to represent their clients with precision, professionalism, care, and with an attitude that you are not just a case number but you are a part of their law firm family. With each step of the way, my son and I were updated on a regular basis, whether it was with good news or bad news. Each call that was made to Theresa was answered in a timely manner and always with a smile. (You could hear it in her voice). When I think of Vescio Law Firm I can honestly say that if you are looking for a Stellar team to represent you look no further. Stop calling around and hire this powerhouse Law Firm. Not only will you get top notch representation, but you will feel like you are a VIP (Very Important Person) from the very beginning. Each staff member will make sure that all your legal needs, questions, and concerns are met. You will not have to worry if you hired the right law firm. We have been working with Theresa for over 2 years and let me tell you, this wonderful, outstanding, super charged attorney gave my son and I a dream come true. With her advice and directions every step of the way I am proud and overjoyed to say that my son finally has custody of his little boy. We have a VICTORY in our lives because of all the long hours of extremely hard work that went into my son’s case. I must also say that being very patient, cooperating with getting documentation to her in a timely manner, and with a lot of prayers we can now enjoy our little blessing. I would like to thank all of the Vescio Law Firm staff for their encouragements, & uplifting words when we felt defeated or when it seemed like the case had taken a vacation. Without your unwavering support this family would not be enjoying our little blessing today. The Vescio Law Firm will be so blessed beyond measures and has set a high bar as to what a law firm is suppose be. With their excellent and superb attorney’s and staff, the state of Arizona will never be the same. For one when you have a law firm that has a powerful team of excellence it can only be recognized as one of the best law firms in Arizona. I cannot thank Vescio Law Firm enough for their enduring time and energy that they have put into my sons case. The support system in that office is so AMAZING. Not only did some of the attorneys and staff members show up in court for my sons hearing, but the entire staff was sending out very powerful and positive energy his way. With support like that why wouldn’t you want a law firm like Vescio to represent you? In closing I am sure that Vescio Law Firm will be taken to new heights, and new challenges. As with each case that they represent and embark on, is a chance for someone to be blessed by a law firm who cares about you. You won’t be just a case number to them you will be treated like one of the family. It is my prayer that everything you touch and everything you desire will be turned into gold. You all deserve the highest praise for a wonderful job well done. Stay forever BLESSED!!!!
Child Custody / Child Support Client