If you or your children are being harassed, abused, or stalked, you should not hesitate to contact the police. People who endure harassment, abuse, or stalking often consider filing for protection or restraining orders. However, depending on the circumstances, it may be more appropriate to get an injunction against harassment if you live in Arizona.

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What Is an Injunction Against Harassment?

Unlike many other states, Arizona allows its residents to file for an injunction against harassment without the requirement to prove the relationship between the petitioner and the defendant (the person against whom the injunction is filed). The purpose of an injunction against harassment is to prevent one person from harassing or otherwise alarming or annoying another person.

Essentially, injunctions against harassment function in the same way as orders of protection. The main difference between the two is that an order of protection requires the petitioner to prove that they are in a familial relationship with the defendant.

An injunction against harassment, on the other hand, can be filed against any person – such as a friend, a neighbor, or a complete stranger – as long as the petitioner knows the defendant’s name. When requesting an injunction against harassment, the court considers whether or not the petitioner has been subject to harassment.

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What Do You Need to Prove to Get an Injunction Against Harassment?

There are certain elements that must be proven to get an injunction against harassment in Tucson, Glendale, or other parts of Arizona. These elements include:
There is no requirement to prove the familial relationship between the petitioner and the defendant. The relationship requirement applies only to orders of protection in Arizona. Some of you may wonder, “How long does an injunction against harassment last?” In Arizona, an injunction must be served upon the defendant within a year of its issuance. Once the injunction is served, it is valid for one year (12 months) from the service date.

The Process of Obtaining an Injunction Against Harassment

Now that you know what an injunction against harassment is and who can get one, you may ask, “How do I get an injunction against harassment?” The process of obtaining an injunction against harassment is comprised of the following steps:

Contact an experienced attorney who will thoroughly review your situation and guide you throughout the process of obtaining an injunction against harassment. Our injunction against harassment attorneys at Law Offices of Vescio & Seifert, P.C., have the necessary resources to advise you of your rights and explain how to get protection from harassment or domestic violence in your specific case.

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